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Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus CD


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Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus: CD
CD. 6 page fold out booklet with art by Richard Stuart
N.I Music Prize Nominee

You're Not Alone
Get Myself A Gun
By The Time November Comes
Son Of Reverbio
Kneel At The Altar Parts 1 & 2
Separate Ways
We're Just The Right Distance From The Sun
Machine Born To Think
The Ballad Of That Murdering Bastard Ed Millar

More Than Music "Imagine a two-headed fuzz delta garage punk fusion that comes on like an incestuous relationship between The Black Keys and The Jon Spencer Blues channeled via Rory Gallagher, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon." 9/10

The Irish Times "...grief lurks over their second album like a leaden spectre. McGibbon’s whiskey-soaked voice is a powerful tool, driving home the likes of on of Reverbio with a steely fortitude and scaling it back for the tender shimmer of Separate Ways. Occasionally recalling the shady stalk of contemporary artists such as Dan Sartain..." 4/5

Mojo Magazine "... stunning of the wall twisted punk blues - makes the Black Keys seem like a bunch of pussys..." 4/5

Vive Le Rock A neat collection of primal electrified noise featuring lyrics that hark way back to the god-fearing era of Robert Johnson, Son House et al....

...Hip, hot, loud and likely a storm if you catch them live " 8/10

Alternative Ulster "’s dense, it’s thrashy, and oh-so-dark. We always had an inkling The Bonnevilles weren’t the tea sippin’ kind, but Folk Art & The Death of Electric Jesus presents us with a solid slab of woe sure to convince any non-believers. 8/10

Incognito Magazine Top 5 Songs of the year. “10,000″ by The Bonnevilles (Folk Art and the Death of Electric Jesus). If ZZ Top collaborated with a raw garage-rock duo, this song would be the result.

Jam Bands Capable of making a lot of noise when they want to, McMullan and McGibbon also know how to hold back when they need to – allowing the knockout punch to land all the harder. The tunes on Folk Art And The Death Of Electric Jesus are all the more impressive when you take in that these are all originals … and while there are wisps of inspirations here and there, the bottom line is, McMullan and McGibbon are bluesmen. Rory Gallagher would’ve loved these guys.

Dan Hegarty RTE 2fm Album of the week.

Wes Freed "...Hey lovers of hard-edged bluesy RAWK everwhere! Check this out !- Irelands fearless road warriors the BONNEVILLES have a new release ! Hopefully we will be seeing them stateside sometime soon , meantime they will be tearing up the clubs, pubs & dark crossroads of the British Isles, laying down brutal licks & raw,gut-bucket vox , making you sweat like you were in the Mississippi delta on a hot August night. Hell yea! Thank you , that is all . feeqout..."

Charlie Bravo My album of 2012. BluesPunkGarage Bliss The Bonnevilles 2nd album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus

Red Wine On A Sunday Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus sounds like the The Rolling Stones' Exile On Mainstreet on steroids

Rick Saunders Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus is still knocking me out. '08s Good Suits and Fightin' Boots was a great heads-up but this is exceptional. You want.

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